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Is Organization Development the same as Human Resources? Some organizations view both OD and HR as a single entity, classifying OD as a subset of HR. So, what’s the difference between OD and HR? Let’s define the two terms and the key responsibilities for each one. According to Wikipedia, “Organization development (OD) is defined as the study of successful organizational change and performance.” It incorporates the environment within an organization and its influence on their employees.

On the other hand, “Human resources is defined as the people who make up the workforce of an organization.” The role of an HR lead mainly revolves around the labor force which includes recruiting, onboarding and related activities. Although OD and HR are often coupled together, their purposes are distinct. While HR oversees employees, OD goes beyond to evaluate the core values, policies, and ideal structures and teams within a company. What are your views on OD and HR? How are they similar or different within your organization?

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Join John O’Rourke for our March webinar – “OMG, I Have Been Replaced by a Bot!” on Thursday, March 21 at 12 PM ET. In this webinar John will define RPA, how it differs from Artificial Intelligence and what actions Change Managers must take in order to prepare for this technology. See additional details below:

  • Topic: OMG, I Have Been Replaced by a Bot!
  • Date: Thursday, March 21, 2019
  • Time: 12:00pm EST (60 minute session)
  • Cost: Free, but space is limited. Please register early
  • Speaker: John O’Rourke
  • Register: OMG, I Have Been Replaced by a Bot!
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For several years, Joe Ilvento has served as the Chief Learning Officer and Worldwide Director of Talent Development for Commvault, a public company based out of New Jersey that leads the way in enterprise backup, recovery, and data management. We recently arranged for Joe to be interviewed by Business Radio X co-hosts Lee Kantor and Stone Payton on our TrainingPros Learning Insights Radio show. Joe Ilvento's interview can be heard on our SoundCloud channel, or we invite you to check out the highlights in this blog post.

Commvault serves a variety of industries around the world, so Joe’s CLO role is a challenging one that involves a great deal of global perspective and looking for the most effective training techniques. Joe starts with the business drivers – what various organizations are trying to achieve, what their objectives are, and how he and his team can meet those needs. On any given day, Joe will need to put on many hats – consulting, coaching, change management – as they go about setting strategy and looking at the best delivery methods.

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Put some spring in your professional development step by attending one or more of these L&D conferences this season. TrainingPros will be represented at a few of them, so contact a member of the TrainingPros team if you plan to attend. We’d love to make plans to meet with you.

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Never underestimate the benefits of a good project manager. The success of any organization involves completing projects and ultimately achieving business goals. The role of a project manager is significant – which is to elevate the overall business practices and to effectively communicate and encourage team effort and culture. A solid project manager orchestrates the efforts of a group of individuals with varied strengths to complete a business project well – on time, within budget, and hitting the targets.

At TrainingPros, we recognize that many clients prefer to outsource the project management of their large-scale initiatives to seasoned project managers. Most of our project management consultants are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) who will go to work quickly within an organization to accomplish several tasks within the team from estimating the project work effort to providing detailed reports on the progress of the project.

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